La Corte della Carta is a cultural association, an artistic laboratory and an ideas incubator created to explore paper as a medium in arts, crafts, theatre and education.

Born in Milan in 2008, the association has been working with libraries, schools, recreational areas, municipalities and other associations and cooperatives of Lombardy.

Since 2014 the association took part to European Erasmus+, a project for teenagers and adults aimed at promoting reading and cultural heritage. The project also involved associations from Spain, Portugal and Romania.

The methods we use are animation, performances and workshops, and our members are librarians, artisans, teachers and actors. 

We chose to call ourselves ”The Paper Court” because the divison of tasks in a Royal Court ensures that the courtiers can share moments through theatre workshops and other playful and creative activities, experiencing both the versatility of paper as a medium and each other’s skills.

We chose paper because it is both a poor and a rich material, making is accessible to everyone, from small villages to big cities: this versatility allows us to work both on recovering fading customs in a big city like Milan, and on arts and crafts leading to the creation of artisanal objects, while also allowing us to be playful and find the time to play.

Paper hides stories that can be told, read, performed, written or drawn, it hides objects waiting to become characters of a story.

Puppetry is of particular interest to the members of our association, who trained in this field by participating in various workshop, including those promoted by Teatro del Corvo with Natale Panaro, Bruno Leone, Tinin Mantegazza, Albert Bagnò, and Gigi Gherzi with Teatro degli Incontri. Then came the happy encounter with Peter Schumann’s Bread and Puppet Theatre and all of these encounters nourished our love for "simple" materials used as "storytellers".

Pedagogy, art and crafts are fields we wish to investigate and experience, contaminating ourselves and the places and
cities where we live.







"Il Cantastorie"

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